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Please Consider Donating

Thanks to all of you who supported us during our recent mission to help Ukrainian children and orphans affected by the ongoing war in Ukraine. Your donations helped us provide those affected by the war with important mental health support through art therapy


Art therapy has been employed as an intervention to reduce PTSD symptoms since it provides a safe environment for refugee children and adolescents, facilitating the expression of feelings that are linked to war trauma. It can also manage the emotional burdens of the participants and lead them to a sense of relief.


During our recent April trip, we met with the first group of children in Freiburg, Germany, and provided them with introductory art therapy sessions. Next, we headed to Chernivtsi, Ukraine to work with orphans evacuated from Kharkyv. The residents of Chernivtsi had converted an administrative building into a temporary center for the settlement of the evacuated orphans to whom we provided art therapy sessions.


You can continue making a difference by donating any amount to this humanitarian mission. You may also send a check payable to Mission Arts Center, mentioning "art therapy donation" in the notes section.

Note: your donations sent directly to Mission Arts will not be tax-deductible. If you wish for your donations to this cause to be tax deductible, please instead send them via Striving for All, a nonprofit charity that we're working with for this purpose:  (Note: from the drop-down list on their PayPal page, please choose the second option, "Art Therapy for War Orphans, Ukraine")

Thank you for your kindness and willingness to help the war-affected Ukrainian children and orphans. You will be bringing healing and happiness to their shattered lives.  


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