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Painting/Mixed Media

Artist Statement:

For many years the hexagon has followed me, intrigued me, and helped to expand my consciousness and body of work. Hexagons and honeycombs are the building blocks of life and found throughout nature including inside of ourselves, in our DNA, and cells. Known as the strongest and most efficient structures, it is no surprise that the Bees use honeycombs to live in and store their precious honey. As I researched the Hexagon further, I learned that it is one of many Sacred Geometry symbols and a doorway to progress spiritually and creatively.

From my experience, Sacred Geometry symbols assist in bringing harmony into one’s life, as well as awakening dormant aspects of the soul, such as inner peace, enthusiasm, passion, and revealing your life’s purpose. Through my creative practice, I discovered that I can interpret and channel your specific intentions into my art.  By connecting to what some refer to as the Universe, God, Source, or Higher Power, I will bring forth a visual representation of what you are seeking.

Over the past 11 years, I have developed a process of attunement with the client, where I am fully immersed in the energy I generate through the artistic process.  Also, as I integrated sacred symbols into my paintings, I soon came to realize that when viewing my art through 3D glasses, new visual dimensions were exposed. The word “Ascend” means to advance to the next level, to soar, to succeed upward and I believe my artwork is transformative both to my clients and to me. Together, we can take a journey into the Possible through the power of Art and Sacred Geometry.




Artist Statement:

The metalwork embodies material choices, traditional techniques, and the integration of found objects with recognizable nature forms.  The work addresses many personal themes, while serving as commentary regarding the intimate relationships we have with adornment and objects.   


My conceptual artwork honors the traditions of Metalsmithing and incorporates a multitude of techniques.  In our fast-paced world of “I want it now, quicker, faster” - I embrace the techniques that demand me to slow down and dedicate myself to creating handmade and well-crafted works; therefore, studio time is an environment of patience, reflection, and challenge. The marriage of metals, mixed media, technique, and upcycled found objects reinterprets beauty and transforms these once lost objects to a new level of functionality and visual aesthetics, to breathe new life into old objects.  


My motivation to celebrate life and beauty is portrayed through embracing and capturing the quiet workings of Nature in my metalwork.  Insect, floral, and plant motifs are symbols of transformation, the spiritual, and cycles of life: totems echoing immense depth and beauty.  A caterpillar crawling upon a Weeping Willow Branch is a fleeting moment immortalized in metal.  A cicada emerging for a brief moment as a winged creature, sings a haunting song from the tree branches.  These images are a personal remembrance of my summer days remarking on the innocence of childhood and wonderment, as well as a reminder of the precious and fleeting moments of life.  

Marta Pitchuk



Marta Pitchuk was born in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine in 1993. Her paintings show how the inanimate Ukrainian Motanka doll of previous centuries steps into the present and merges into one with a real-life woman in flesh and blood. The living Motanka is no longer an object but a personality with its own character, thoughts, and views. She becomes not only a beautiful image but also a profound personality with her own emotions and feelings. If you look closely, you can see the woman's eyes beneath a layer of paint. The paintings also depict elements of traditional Ukrainian garments.

Wes Casey



Wes Casey is a sculptor working with mixed media and found objects to create representational work for both public and private collections. Wes Casey studied figure painting and sculpture at the Kansas City Art Institute and studied photorealism painting through an apprenticeship at the studio of master painter Mark Christopher Weber. 
Wes Casey has traveled extensively through Europe, North Africa, Asia, Australia, Central and South America, and Alaska studying the religious and iconic art of those cultures. His work has been shown at several galleries in Kansas City and Lawrence Kansas.

Roma Yroshchak



Romana (Roma) Yaroshchak (born in 1976, Ukraine)
[Full bio coming]



(Underwater) Photography

R. Scott Anderson, is an Abstract Painter, Sketch & Digital Artist, but primarily known as a Fine Art Photographer.
His "Below" series researches the Art possibilities of humans underwater. His visions of what Artists could
once only imagine... Human Beings, defying gravity, flying without mechanical assistance, can finally be photographed, with today's submersible cameras. Anderson, now retired from a 32-year career as a Professional Firefighter, lives in his hometown of Independence, Missouri, where he continues his Photography, Painting, Poetry, Sketch & Digital Art full time.

If you're an artist and would like to work with us, please send an email to with your CV, artist statement, and a sample portfolio (no walk-in submissions, please). We will review each request and contact you if there's a good fit. However, we will not able to provide feedback. 

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